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Health Referral Programs The Peoples Coalition (referred to as TPC) will utilize the services of existing community agencies to provide mental health treatment for its clients. After the initial health screening by The Peoples Coalition staff psychologist, the client's needs will be assessed and referrals made to local mental health facilities based upon the client's individual needs. Specific services include:

Mental Health
  • Mental health assessment & screening
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Group & Individual counseling
  • Referral to community mental health treatment program

Physical Health
Many ex-offenders have a history of neglect. They often live in chronic poverty and come from the most unhealthy sections of our communities. Poor health has a detrimental impact on offenders and leads some offenders to reoffending. Some suffer from alcohol and drug abuse. Women in prison face particular problems in addition to physical health programs that stem from having experienced physical and sexual abuse. Many offenders face real health inequalities. Solving the health inequalities of some of our most disadvantaged residents can not only lead to improved health outcomes and reduced criminal activity, but improve the well being for our community as a whole.

Following intake, screening, and assessment, The Peoples Coalition Women Offender Health Referral Program refers all physical health complaints to the appropriate community facility for diagnosis and treatment.

For additional information about these Health Referral Programs, please email us at or complete our form on our contact us page.